Repeater and Dropper Courses


The Repeater/ Dropper Course program is specifically designed for the students, who have already appeared for the very first time in the engineering or medical entrance exams or the ones who did not appear in entrance exam along with class XII exams and wish to drop one year for exclusive preparation of entrance exam but could not get admission in the institutes of their choice as they didn’t score up to mark in the selection tests.

The faculty gives individual and extra attention to these students in order to help them score well this time round. The training becomes even more rigorous and the students are required to go through more and more tests.

The students are encouraged to try out new sets of problems on their own without the help of teachers and such exercises make them more confident for the second round of test.

As these students have already gone through the training schedule, more focus is given on clearing their doubts and on the practice sessions. These practice sessions uncover the weaknesses of these students and the faculty works on to solve the problems to enhance the depth of understanding of the students on a particular subject.

It is ensured that a student practices a wide array of problems so as to widen his/ her knowledge domain. Moreover, the problem sets are exhaustive and a student is made to practice these sets again and again till the time he is crystal clear in the approach to solve a problem.

This course starts around the mid of May/ June every year and its duration is of one year. This is an ideal program for repeaters / droppers as the faculty approach and the courseware has been designed in such a manner to help a student get optimum advantages in one year.




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