Balaji Coaching Centre is a premier coaching institute  in Chandigarh.It has been helping students to  achieve their potential. Balaji Coaching Centre  leading Coaching Institute with a personal touc. Balaji Coaching Centre  brings learning to you, which is tailored to your needs and busy schedule. We are No.1 Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. We provide academic help, tutoring help, best tutoring, result oriented class room programs for the students and people living in the areas of Chandigarh

Our highly selected, experienced and qualified teachers provide the best tutoring solutions of any academic need. You can begin the registration process online or telephone for a no obligation consultation to explore how group or personal tutoring at Balaji Coaching Centre can make a difference for you, your family or organization. Balaji Coaching Centre provides best coaching and tutoring help to students or group of students.

Course : IIT JEE

Founders’ Classroom Course (FCC) is the flagship course of BALAJI COACHING CENTRE , which was earlier called the Regular Classroom program and has consistently achieved a success rate of more than 60% in IIT Selections. Targeted at IIT JEE 2018 aspirants, the course is a two-year rigorous program, where all classes are conducted by the three founders of BALAJI COACHING CENTRE , who have been teaching and producing some of the best results in India for the last 3 years .

FCC is a comprehensive program, designed to inculcate the habit of internalizing concepts, to enable students to apply them at will: in both real life problems as well as in exams. Spread over a span of two years, this program is designed to help students transit smoothly from Xth to XIIth and build a strong foundation for their basic subjects of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

More so, it guides the student right up to the level of IIT JEE and nurtures the student for the ultimate level of questions as it is based on a pedagogical philosophy of conceptual clarity leading to structured thinking, further leading to logical problem solving.

Spread over a span of two years this program is designed to help students transit smoothly, from Xth to XIth and build a strong foundation in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. The FCC IIT JEE 2018 course is an amalgamation of three of the most successful modules of BALAJI COACHING CENTRE

Phase 1 – This module covers the topics in all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Maths for Class XI. This module forms the foundation for the subsequent modules of FCC. All the fundamental topics are covered in a lucid manner so as to ensure that the student finds it easy to understand the basics for all the topics

Phase 2 – This module covers the topics relevant for Class XII. The Topics covered in Phase 1 are covered in greater detail along with the applicative questions and other IITJEE oriented question formats. Advance topics are also taught to the students as per the requirement of the IITJEE. The module also covers the Class XII course topics so that the students can excel in there Board Exams as well along with IITJEE

The Final Step – BALAJI COACHING CENTRE ‘s flagship revision module which covers all the topics of Phase 1 and Phase 2 to ensure that the student can revisit all the important concepts, formulae etc. in the minimum possible time. It’s the perfect tool to whet your two-year long preparation.


  • School level Exercises and Assignments with complete Solutions.
  • Exhaustive Study Material on Math’s and Special Booklet of Micro Assignment.
  • Special Classes will be conducted to prepare our students appearing in various Olympiads / Scholarship examinations.

Our Mission:

Balaji Coaching Centre’s mission is to help people regardless of ability, age or background to realize their goals for the future through the support of the highest quality tutoring and coaching services in Chandigarh. We aim to help all students achieve their potential by giving them encouragement, understanding and individualized attention. We aim to solve unsolved problems distinctly in an innovative manner.

We strive to raise our students’ aspiration and achievement levels by infusing them with enthusiasm for the subject, self-confidence, motivation and direction.

Our mission is to promote the fundamentals of any subject, with an emphasis on participation, education, involvement, and fun.

Our Vision

The Balaji Coaching Centre , based in Chandigarh seeks to enhance the academic skills and personal development of all Students, Learners, Beginners, Children, Adults and all age group people  through  Tutoring and Coaching programs designed to develop excellence in academic area to produce best results.

Our values:

A commitment to excellent services, innovation, diversity, creativity, honesty, integrity, dreams and imagination.

Reasons to choose Balaji Coaching Centre :-

Quality and Difference: It is unique among coaching Institutes, that we work for the student community & Govt. job aspirants by providing them value for money and target oriented coaching to fulfil their dreams.

Results: We secure the best possible results with maximum number of best grades and distinctions.

Reputation: We are recognized nationally and locally as a leader in educational service for the people across Chandigarh. We are No.1 Coaching Centre in North India.

Experience and Specialization: Our Teachers are specialized up to the level required from school entry and Common Entrance through to CBSE, ICSE Syllabus, Colleges, and University and beyond.

Tailored Service: Our consultants (over the telephone) will use the background information you give us to complete a full requirement profile to match you with the right.

Confidentiality of Data: Our Staff don’t share the name, ID, address, phone numbers or any personal details of any student to anybody else. It is done for security reasons.